A summer like no other

Culminating in a fantastic live performance from X Factor champion Dalton Harris, we take a look back over the highlights of The Islander Festival 2021

After a last-minute and much needed September heatwave, we are bidding adieu to summer on London City Island and the end of The Islander Festival.

Watch highlights from the triumphant live performance from X Factor winner Dalton Harris, with support from Angels N’ Bandits, that marked the end of the Islander Festival, below.

Since its inception, London City Island has been a hub for creative minds and businesses, and our debut festival cemented this reputation in a fantastic 11-week long celebration of music, film, food, culture and – most important of all – community. While the weather wasn’t always on our side, we made the most of eased restrictions and rejuvenated socialising with a host of entertaining events and activities for local residents and visitors alike.•-LCI_website_September_RoundUp_Insets-768x1007.jpg

The Islander Festival welcomed a feast of good food and entertainment to London City Island•-LCI_website_September_RoundUp_Insets2-768x1007.jpg

The Islander Festival kicked off back in late June to coincide with the launch of Wimbledon; back with a bang following its unprecedented cancellation last year. We served up daily alfresco screenings on our giant TV screen in Hopewell Square, along with classic and contemporary refreshments from local businesses (that of course included Pimm’s and bowls of strawberries and cream). It was also around this time that we published our debut newspaper, The Islander, which featured a run-down of the screenings and festival events – plus engaging local stories.•-LCI_website_September_RoundUp_Insets3.jpg

“The Islander Festival was a fantastic celebration of music, film, food, culture and – most important of all – community”

After The Championships finished, we kept the screen up for a week of daily blockbuster movie screenings for the whole family, from Mamma Mia! to Moana. Comfy beanbags and deck chairs were provided, along with delicious food and drink from local suppliers.

Speaking of food, the next few weeks of the festival saw the return of our popular street food markets, offering an eclectic array of produce, world food and craft beer and cocktails. From vegan pasta to Japanese fusion and juicy burgers, there was something to tempt every taste bud. And to keep the crowds entertained, we also hosted our first-ever live music performances on the Island during the street food markets, which saw alfresco gigs from talented up-and-coming musicians.

Then, on the final day of the festival, we were delighted to host X Factor winner Dalton Harris, who is managed by The Woods Studios and local producer Dantae Johnson, at The Lockdown Room for his first solo performance since Covid-19. The Lockdown Room is currently undergoing a major renovation for its permanent debut in early December, and Dalton’s stunning performance marked a fitting end to the Festival and celebration of the triumphant London City Island community spirit – and all the exciting new things to come.•-LCI_website_September_RoundUp_Insets5-768x1007.jpg

Dalton Harris closes the inaugural Islander Festival•-LCI_website_September_RoundUp_Insets6-768x1007.jpg

Words: Gemma Billington
Photography of Dalton Harris: Marcus Maschwitz