Isle of Dogs: Part 2

We continue our series of interviews and photos of local dogs and their owners on their daily walkies

We’ve already established that Britain is a nation of dog lovers. And London City Island is home to a number of furry friends of all shapes and sizes. In fact, dogs and their owners going for daily walks and catching up with their friends is a common sight. The island is verdant and largely pedestrianised, making it safe for dogs to roam, and it’s close to popular nearby green spaces and parks. So we decided to photograph some local dogs and their owners to learn more about our canine residents and what they enjoy most about life at London City Island.

Name: Milo

Breed: Jack-Chi

Age: 1 year

Favourite food: Roast lamb treats

Favourite toy: Squeaky squirrel

Favourite local walking route: By the river, watching the seagulls

Naughtiest habit: Chases and barks at wheels (on luggage, cars, scooters etc.)

Best habit: Very helpful with household chores

Best friend: My sister, Nala

Most impressive trick: A wolf howl and dancing on back legs

Best thing about living on London City Island: I am actually a country dog but sometimes I come to the Island for holidays with my owners’ family – I love all the new smells and sights•-LCI_website_September_Dog_Article_26-1280x1679.jpg

Milo with his owner•-LCI_website_September_Dog_Article_27-1920x1220.jpg

Milo is a big fan of roast lamb treats and his squeaky squirrel

Name: Alfred

Breed: Beagle

Age: 1 year

Favourite food: Chicken and cheese and steak for special occasions

Favourite toy: Anything that squeaks

Favourite local walking route: Anywhere he can sniff or meet other dogs

Naughtiest habit: Chewing anything that he isn’t allowed to; his favourite are socks and shoes

Best habit: He loves big cuddles first thing in the morning

Best friend: Any dog or human, he loves attention from anywhere

Most impressive trick: The ability to eat anything in two seconds

Best thing about living on London City Island: All the other dogs to play with•-LCI_website_September_Dog_Article_28-1280x1679.jpg

Alfred the beagle with his owner Leith

“Best thing about living on London City Island? All the other dogs to play with”

Alfred the beagle

Name: Whoopi

Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: Almost 8 years old

Favourite treat: Chewing treat made of duck

Favourite toy: Squeaky elephant

Favourite local walking route: All the grass around London City Island – especially the grass where the turtle statue is (behind the Defoe Building)

Naughtiest habit: Wakes mummy and daddy in the middle of the night to be carried to bed (the same bed she goes on her own to during the day)

Best habit: She loves to cuddle together – she’s a calm and sweet dog. Absolutely lovely

Best friend: Best dog friend is Marley. Best human friends are Thati and Ana

Most impressive trick: She does a high five and knows how to spin – but everything has a price (one or two treats)

Best thing about living on London City Island: The great community spirit, all the dog friends and our evenings together!•-LCI_website_September_Dog_Article_29-1280x1679.jpg

Whoopi with her owner Natana

Name: Cooper

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 17 months

Favourite food: Everything edible! (But mostly sausages)

Favourite toy: Squeaky ball

Favourite local walking route: Eco Park and Basin

Worst habit: Cooper tends to destroy papers and boxes and leave small pieces all over the house. The good part is that he does that only with things we give him for that purpose

Best habit: He is super chill, very cuddly and friendly with everyone, sometimes even too much

Best friend: He loves everyone, but Marta is his favourite person. I would say that his favourite dog is Lilo, a beautiful Cocker Spaniel

Most impressive trick: He can sleep roughly 15 hours per day. That’s not a trick but quite impressive in my opinion

Best thing about living on London City Island: We love the ambiance here; nice people, many other dogs for Cooper to play with, great facilities within the Island and green spacious areas for long walks•-LCI_website_September_Dog_Article_210-1280x1679.jpg

Cooper and his owner Daniel•-LCI_website_September_Dog_Article_211-1920x1220.jpg

London City Island is a haven for dogs

“We love the ambiance on London City Island; nice people, many other dogs for Cooper to play with, great facilities within the Island and green spacious areas for long walks”

Daniel and his Golden Retriever Cooper

Name: Doris

Breed: Pug/Jack Russel cross (Jug)

Age: 8

Favourite food: Fish And popcorn

Favourite toy: Mini teddy bear

Favourite local walking route: We are lucky to live so close to Greenwich – that’s Doris’s favourite park in London. She gets super excited from the moment we step out from DLR at Cutty Sark

Naughtiest habit: Scavenging

Best habit: Loves to be with us at a pub. Especially if they have a couch

Most impressive trick: Rolling; again and again and again

Best thing about living on London City Island: Being close to Greenwich, big dog community, big balcony for Doris to lap up the sun•-LCI_website_September_Dog_Article_212-1280x1679.jpg

Doris with her owner Robert•-LCI_website_September_Dog_Article_213-1920x1220.jpg

Charlie the Cavapoochon loves having lots of space to explore and play

Name: Charlie

Breed: Cavapoochon

Age: 6 months

Favourite treat: Dry chicken jerky

Favourite toy: Squeaky rhino

Favourite local walking route: Along Bridgewater House all the way to the playground near Amelia House

Naughtiest habit: Barking at delivery men

Best habit: Loves to wake up with cuddles and kisses

Most impressive trick: Understands commands in Spanish and English

Best thing about living on London City Island: Being surrounded by other friendly dogs and having lots of space to explore and play•-LCI_website_September_Dog_Article_214-1280x1679.jpg

Charlie understands both English and Spanish

Words: Gemma Billington

Photography: Lucy Mohr

With thanks to all the dogs and owners for taking part