Wellness trends 2022

It’s the start of a new year, a time for setting healthy resolutions. The Islander asked local resident Niharika Hariharan, founder of new well-tech company Melloh Wellness, what we can expect in the industry over the coming months

It’s hard to tell the long-term effects of the pandemic on our overall physical and mental wellbeing. But according to new research by Switzerland’s Clinique La Prairie, 9 in 10 Brits (that’s 92% of the population) have vowed to take better care of their health and wellbeing going forward.

Setting healthy resolutions in January is, of course, nothing new. But the toil of the past nearly-two years has made people even more determined than ever to prioritise their personal and professional needs.


HUM Yoga at London City Island

‘The pandemic has been a wake-up call for all of us,’ agrees Niharika Hariharan, founder of new well-tech company Melloh Wellness, based on London City Island. ‘It has made the discussion and conversation around mental and physical health louder and also forced organisations, communities and individuals to become more cognisant of their relationship with their work, with themselves and with the natural world.’

Indeed, it was this wakeup call that encouraged Hariharan to reevaluate her own life and career. Having worked in digital product design and strategy for 15 years, which involved everything from developing patented tech products to setting up digital businesses, Hariharan found herself physically and emotionally exhausted.

‘The impact of non-stop work, constant travel and long hours at the desk lead to several severe burnouts, poor sleep and health, and that’s when I really started getting interested in the wellness sector,’ she says.


Niharika Hariharan, local resident and founder of Melloh Wellness

“Setting healthy resolutions in January is nothing new. But the toil of the past nearly-two years has made people even more determined to prioritise their personal and professional needs.”

This led to Melloh Wellness, a company that aims to improve “internal health” and is designed specifically for busy individuals. Melloh may be a modern company, but the roots of it are inspired by Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine system. Melloh Wellness launched in December 2021 with an “Ayurvedic-inspired routine” called Work Reboot. This consists of four “liquid boosters” to work from the inside out. Packed with antioxidants, the liquid boosters help ‘manage stress, improve sleep quality and enhance gut health’.

‘We also work with pioneering experts from all over the world to develop online wellness practices like food therapy, Yin Yoga, Pranayama and art therapy,’ adds Hariharan, who is also a part-time artist. ‘Melloh is a holistic wellness platform – your one go-to place to look after your mind, body and spirit.’

Melloh joins a slew of new wellness and community-minded businesses on the Island. This includes yoga and meditation studio Hum, which taps into sonic frequencies for an alternative experience. Even local music production studio The Woods has jumped on the wellness bandwagon by offering ad-hoc fitness classes and sound bath meditation sessions.


Hariharan moved to the Island in summer 2018 when she and her designer partner were on the hunt for a creative hub to call home. The community here, she says, is ‘unlike any other’.

‘As a designer, management consultant and a new parent, I’ve met so many like-minded people who I have the pleasure of collaborating and spending time with. As residents, we have some fantastic opportunities to get to know each other. It truly feels like a connected community. The Island itself is beautiful, it’s green, private and quiet – it almost doesn’t feel like you are in London!’

“As a designer, management consultant and new parent, I’ve met so many like-minded people at London City Island who I have the pleasure of collaborating and spending time with.”

Niharika Hariharan


‘There are four major trends that started to spark towards the start of the pandemic, which I believe are going to take centre stage in 2022.’


The Work Reboot Routine from Melloh Wellness consists of four powerful boosters

Increase in traditional and alternative approaches to wellness

‘There is going to be a greater demand and preference towards wellness practices that are spiritual, natural and ethical,’ says Hariharan. ‘The move from ostentatious fads to products that are founded on life sciences such as Ayurveda, increase in meditation and Pranayama activities and a conscious shift to unprocessed and natural medicines and consumables are going to become fairly evident in 2022.’

Legal reinforcement for keeping mental health checks

‘With some European countries already limiting work hours, we are going to see more governments regulating businesses to be accountable for the mental health of their employees and make a more conscientious effort towards work-life balance by implementing guidance for work hours, holiday breaks and improving support around mental health.’

Detachment from digital

‘Meta’s multiverse (and others like it) may be exciting for many, but there is a significant percentage of the millennial population that has lost the desire to stay connected all the time. There will be an increase in digital detox holidays and programmes. In addition, tech companies are going to create more features to help us switch off from our devices and from social.’

Becoming your own wellness guru

‘Self-help and self-care is already a norm in the health-tech industry, where we are able to diagnose and test ourselves using digital tools and services and the same behaviour is going to translate to the wellness industry. We will be sourcing knowledge from food, exercise, natural remedies and wellness practices and teaching ourselves the skills to become our own wellness gurus.’


Discover more about Melloh Wellness and shop online at mellohwellness.com